AV technique

Projector technology

We design, supply and install comprehensive solutions for all types of applications, including follow-up services:

  • Standard meeting rooms of any size
  • Social gathering venues, showrooms, receptions
  • Elevators and open spaces (except supervised areas)
  • Museums and exhibition spaces
  • Connected systems in building management software
  • Digital advertising system with the connection to the building management IT

Our portfolio includes everything you may need, from data projectors and video projectors to screens, tables or LCD panels. Unique solutions are provided through the combination of state-of-the-art presentation and projection technology with perfect services. The portfolio includes chillout rooms for employees, meeting rooms, classrooms, dispatching stations, LCD screen walls or other special projects.

SW management systems

We supply management systems for your comfort and convenience. Choose a professional and smart solution for your company, your meeting room or an exhibition area. A centralized control system will take care of the technology for you, so you can fully focus on your presentation, visitors or relaxation. Just picture that: at a touch of a button the screen is activated, the projector turns on and switches to the desired input, the lights in the room go off, the blinds go down, the audio system turns on, and the screen displays your logo so the presentation can begin. And you can end it with a touch of a button, too.

Audio systems for indoor areas

Our company provides designs and installations of modern indoor and outdoor audio systems and speakers of renowned brands.

These times, the demands for a professional approach arise in every industry, including the audio installations in indoor areas. The owners of restaurants, cafés, galleries, clubs, fitness centers or even residential houses know well that an expertly designed and installed audio system is an integral part of every modern indoor space. The elegant design of a restaurant or a café doesn’t have to be spoiled by large ugly speakers that are too loud for some guests, while others can’t hear the music at all.

A suitable audio system should be considered during the building or reconstruction already. The audio cables need to be installed at the same time as power lines. For every area and purpose, an individual solution should be made, so personal consultation on the spot is always essential.

Once we get the project documentation of the area or facility, we can design the audio system, including the study of sound coverage, and we can also offer appropriate speakers.

Digital advertising systems

An interconnected system of digital screens and displays in public or private areas. The purpose is to display advertisements, information, or navigation in texts or graphics (preloaded or instantly generated photographs, videos, time, weather information, etc.)

We supply and install various combinations of these systems and screens, whether as whole LED walls, advertising panels, digital frames to elevators, or separate TV screens. The system can be connected to the customers’ LAN, or fed remotely via the internet.

Digital advertising systems can be used in large corporations to display information for the employees (replacing the old wallboards), or in restaurants to display menus, or else as navigation systems. There’s no limit whatsoever.

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