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Metallic cable systems

Today, the metallic cable systems are an integral part of the basic infrastructure of all office buildings, as well as technological, operational and production facilities. They enable the best possible integration of low-current systems (LAN, CCTV, EZS, ACS, etc.) and significantly improve the usability of the facilities, not to mention the minimization of operational costs. Due to our experiences and long-term relationships with leading manufacturers, our solutions comply with all binding standards and regulations.

We supply and install computer networks of any size and type. The supply includes active elements according to your specifications and requirements. Most of our structured cable systems are built on quality brand cables such as Systimax, Molex, ModNet, Reichle de Massari, KELine, Brandrex, etc.

We offer a comprehensive supply of our structured cable systems, from the project to the final realization, including technical documentation.

We are a certified partner authorized to design and install structured cable systems for residential and commercial facilities.

We provide a 25-year warranty for metallic cable systems and their components.-

Optical cable systems

We supply and install a comprehensive portfolio of optical networks, including the connection to the active infrastructure of office and industrial buildings and facilities. Moreover, we also provide follow-up services. We use optical networks not only when it’s necessary to transfer data at long distances but also in the areas where the possibilities of metallic technologies are limited. We use optical technology for backbone networks as well as, for example, for camera systems in case high speed, capacity and quality of data transfer is required. Our portfolio includes the following activities:

  • Installation of optical networks
  • Optical fiber welding
  • Supply of necessary active and passive elements and RACK distribution systems
  • Measurement of structured cable systems
  • Certification possibilities

We provide a 25-year warranty for optical cable systems and their components.

Data centers

We supply comprehensive solutions for data centers of all sizes, including the monitoring of key components, power installations, air conditioners, FFS (Fixed Firefighting Systems) and UPS, and the follow-up administration and maintenance of these systems.

We offer a broad range of leading industrial solutions covering the whole life cycle of data centers, to enable you – our clients – to get the best possible results of your activities.

  • Realizations
  • Technology supplies
  • Generators (diesel, gas)
  • UPS, batteries, industrial batteries, battery monitoring systems
  • DUPS (dynamic UPS)
  • DC systems
  • Switchboards
  • Inverters
  • Monitoring

In addition to the aforementioned technology, we provide comprehensive services including installations, revision reports and recovery of devices/technology.



  • Connection of the devices according to the ČSN EN standard, ensuring compliance with the Czech legislation
  • Recovery – guaranteed expert connection of the devices and test of operational conditions, including power metering
  • Revision of electrical wiring (including large systems)
  • The sophisticated, optimized solutions, technically sound and reliable, optimized in terms of investment and operational costs, are designed for the most critical applications, with a high degree of accessibility and reliability.

Datacenter infrastructure (IT)

  • Power centers of office and production facilities and government buildings
  • Power and cooling systems
  • Power systems for industry and automation

Wi-Fi design, measurement

We design and verify the feasibility of WiFi coverage in the buildings. We use modern measurement technology (Fluke, Aircheck) and software for the online and offline design of WiFi networks. What’s in the portfolio, and what advantages will you get using our services?

Design and implementation of the most accurate indoor and outdoor LAN wireless network (802.11n/a/b/g/ac). The first solution will be the right one, so you will save on expensive IT repairs and complaints made by users.

  • The project of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN before the APOD is implemented.
  • Measurement of real data due to unique metering technology (permeability of the wireless network, data transfer speed, repeating, losses).
  • Optimization of the number of APs and their distribution to maximize the coverage and performance, due to the modeling of materials and obstacles in the building.
  • Minimizing of expensive downtime / low performance of wireless 802.11n/a /b/g/ac LAN due to the interferences of RF sources by the simultaneous analysis of wireless spectrum.
  • Simulation of the “what-if” scenario to prevent or minimize a costly repeat of the wireless environment survey.
  • Single-click to verify that the wireless LAN is ready for the Voice over Wi-Fi and Location Services.
  • Certification of a wireless network according to the predefined requests. Pass/fail reports.
  • User reports enabling the effective transfer of results based on the requirements for the wireless design/applications.
  • WLAN cost-cutting by repeated use of the service for access points on multiple floors – visualization of the coverage and performance with a built-in multi-floor view.
  • Estimated budget for WLAN implementation.
  • Report for the purchase of technology.
  • Planning of migration strategies, in case of integration of new users and/or technology.

Mobile Wi-Fi

These days few people can imagine their lives without mobile phones, tablets, or PCs, all connected to the internet. Most of the time we can rely on the mobile connection, but there are events with many people in a packed area which can cause problems in data transfer and even in normal calls; some users can also experience problems with limited data plans. The organizers of large events therefore try and offer the visitors a good internet connection so they can browse the web, upload photos, audio records and videos, or blog. Also interesting is the potential evaluation of data and better accessibility to the advertising space.

In case you organize a cultural event, festival, car or motorcycle racing, or any other outdoor activity, and you feel the need to improve the internet distribution, establish the camera surveillance of the area, or provide a simple lighting system, we have a solution for you.

The whole system consists of two parts – the central control unit and the mobile pole, or poles. The central unit features a system of active network elements enabling the management of the Wi-Fi connection. From this central point, located for example in the reception or the control office, the internet signal is distributed to the mobile poles, and hence to the users. The basic rectangular setting enables the creation of a covered area of about 100×50 m, i.e. a football pitch. With a different setting and possibly multiple poles, the area is almost unlimited. Please contact us for detailed information and options.

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