Electrical wiring, Automation

Standard electrical wiring

We design, realize and provide all works concerning electrical wiring and assembly, from comprehensive supplies of new installations via reconstructions and repairs of unsuitable distribution systems to the removal of defects and regular maintenance of powered devices. The wiring should not only be safe, reliable and durable but also easy to understand and nice to look at.

At the core of a good electrical installation system, there always is a sophisticated project which can become the ground for the building permit (if necessary), so the works on the wiring can start. The project is also essential for the revision of the work when completed.

Our company offers comprehensive electrical wiring of high- and low-current systems based on your project or based on a project we can prepare for you. Upon completion of every new installation or reconstruction of the existing distribution system, we will issue a revision report stating everything was done according to valid standards and regulations. All our technicians have passed all necessary training courses and obtained appropriate certificates.

We are certified for installation and inspection of wiring up to 1,000 V.

Are you dealing with a non-standard situation? Do you have a problem and no solution? Let’s work it out together!

LED lighting and control systems

For your realization, we can help you find the most suitable type of lighting source that would meet the requirements for light quality and design in the specific area. We supply and install lighting sources for:

  • Homes – direct and indirect lighting of indoor areas, pictures, staircases, bathrooms, kitchen units, living rooms, home cinema systems, corridors, terraces, pergolas, façades, garage stands, and outdoor lighting of swimming pools, gardens, etc.
  • Commercial areas – offices, training and meeting rooms, waiting rooms, consulting rooms, receptions, art galleries, shops, shop windows, racks, wine shops and cellars, gambling rooms, bars, restaurants and their gardens, discos, fitness and wellness centers, etc.
  • Industrial facilities – outdoor and indoor lighting of buildings, street lights, production halls and lines, warehouses, receptions, etc.

We’re particularly good at large lighting systems of industrial halls; the replacement of the old discharge tube system with the LED technology, including software-based control, will save a lot of money and a very short return on this investment. Don’t hesitate to contact us and seek the consultation of your LED lighting system.

We install and supply wireless lighting control systems based on the DALI bus or without it. We use the SAVEE system (www.savee.energy) of the company NIKATRON, s.r.o. (www.nikatron.cz).

Installations take place “during operation” without downtime and eviction. The solution that will bring you savings, automation and a quick return on investment. Let’s solve it together!

Smart electrical wiring

We design and install comprehensive supplies of smart electrical wiring for apartments, houses, commercial areas and industrial facilities. The smart electrical wiring is the heart of your home – a technology, way of thinking, communication, smart solution and everything that gives life to the place you live. Following smartphones and smart TVs, smart homes are another logical step in the development of modern technology and housing. In addition to better security, they also provide increased comfort and savings. You can control your house, apartment, or any other type of home from a single device, for example, a smartphone or a tablet. The controlled systems include heating, multimedia, lighting, camera system, or various appliances. A smart home provides many advantages, including accurate and comprehensive energy management always at hand.

The smart electrical wiring is suitable for new buildings as well as for the existing ones, or reconstructions. It can be scaled to small flats, big houses, or large commercial areas – every project is unique. We prefer an individual approach and design suitable solutions that always meet the needs of our customers. They can choose a wireless system that doesn’t require any building modifications or bus technology suitable for new buildings.

We are a certified partner of Loxone.

Are you dealing with a non-standard situation? Do you have a problem and no solution? Let’s work it out together!

Connection of production lines

If you are thinking about who could help you move production lines from hall to hall, from city to city or from state to state, you found the right partner! We have experience with the entire process of connecting the line (electrical, data, air, …) but also with disassembly, packaging and moving to another location, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Poland and Austria.

  • Definition and calculation of requirements of production lines.
  • Connection of production lines to the distribution systems:
  • Power 220 V
  • Data cables
  • Metallic/optical systems
  • Wi-Fi
  • Compressed air
  • Cable connection of production lines, optimization
  • Revisions of electric systems
  • Automation supplies and assembly

We will find a solution for you! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Automation supplies and assembly

The automation of production lines and activities:

  • Identification of places and activities to improve the effectiveness of the production process
  • Design of the sensor system
  • Control of automation elements using PLC technology
  • Price calculations and various options
  • Sophisticated estimation of savings of operational costs
  • Supply of hardware elements, cables, connection and assembly
  • Definition of PLC inputs/outputs
  • Connection of systems to PLC and launch of operations
  • Training of operators and technical supervision
  • Warranty and post-warranty services
  • Coordination with the software development and connection to the production control information system

We are ready to discuss the next steps with you and find the optimal solution.

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