Active ICT infrastructure

Server solutions, virtualization, high accessibility, backup

We provide comprehensive supplies, installation and configuration of information technology and software. We supply and install servers and backup solutions of global manufacturers, such as FUJITSU, HP, IBM, or DELL, including the operation and database systems. We also provide virtualization using the platforms VMware and Hyper-V. In the solutions for high accessibility of the systems, we use the aforementioned hardware, the reliability of which is based on the high redundancy levels and the implementation of the technology of resistance against downtimes. The devices for data backup and archiving are supplied with necessary software tools and system administration tools – D2T, D2D. We also provide the outsourced external management of the full IT portfolio.

Active elements, LAN/WAN WiFi

We provide implementation, administration and maintenance of active data infrastructure, switches, routers and WiFi solutions of global manufacturers such as Zyxel, Cisco, Microtic, Ubiquity, etc. We also supply and provide services for data networks including passive infrastructure, and install sophisticated Wi-Fi systems for industrial halls and office buildings using planning and measurement software. The portfolio also includes comprehensive solutions including passive infrastructure. The full IT portfolio can be managed externally via outsourcing. We provide mobile Wi-Fi for your event, exhibition, conference, festivals. We also solve non-standard requirements for connection via satellite internet connection.

We rent our mobile Wi-Fi solution ( for remote places without connection to a power grid.

Are you dealing with a non-standard situation? Do you have a problem and no solution? We are looking for such challenges and we are ready to overcome them with you. There are no problems, just challenges! There is always a way.

External IT/ICT management – outsourcing (CZ, SK, A, PL)

We offer to ensure the contract-based external management of your IT systems. We will ensure the right function of information and communication processes. You can transfer all your IT services or a part of them to us – an external supplier. The advantage is that the service provider will sign a contract to guarantee the functionality of the IT operations for you, the quality of the care for all your IT systems will improve, the operations will be more flexible and the overall costs for IT operations will significantly decrease.

The external IT management covers all requirements for the development, implementation and support of everything related to the IT needs of the company:


  • Network administration and security, active elements, etc.
  • Management of servers and key company applications
  • Management, security and appropriate functionality of workstations,
  • Development and implementation of new IT, consultations, processing of expert studies
  • IT-related consulting, training of users
  • IT development with special emphasis on production, storage and/or operations
  • Links between the production and its automation and IT
  • PC equipment, peripherals

We provide supplies, administration and maintenance of workstations with Windows, Linux or MAC OS including peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.) produced by leading global manufacturers. The full IT portfolio can be managed externally via outsourcing.

Data center, monitoring

In case you need to place your equipment outside your premises, whether for security, monitoring or access from multiple locations, our company operates a data center. The data center is adapted to the specific needs of customers and is therefore not a common data center. DC’s focus is primarily on services around your entire IT. We take care not only of the located devices (server hosting) and their proper functionality but above all – of you and your users, settings and remote access management (via VPN), security, server operation and data backup. We are ready to take care of your systems and find the optimal solution.

Zabbix monitoring of DC and IoT infrastructure

We are a certified company for the management and operation of the Zabbix system. We monitor your systems (24/7/365) in the IT infrastructure all year round, including the connection of remote systems, IoT elements and sensors. In this way, we can predict non-standard states of the behavior of ICT systems and react in time to possible anomalies. If we take over the management of your systems, the deployment of monitoring is an integral part of the basic rules of outsourcing. We monitor:

  • Servers and virtual environments, sub-operating systems
  • Active elements and Wi-Fi systems including partial access points
  • Internet connection, connection status and speed
  • Power supplies (230 V, UPS, …)
  • CCTV cameras and recorders
  • Central elements of low-current technologies and building security
  • Control systems and communication interfaces
  • Display elements and their states
  • IoT infrastructure, sensors and production control elements

Part of the solution is reporting regularly sent to responsible persons.


For our customers, we provide supplies, implementation and maintenance of phone and communication systems and relevant data transfers. The functional communication infrastructure is one of the essential needs of a successful business. We would be happy to provide you with expert consulting and to look for the best solution for you. This will help you cut operational costs and increase the productivity of your employees. The rise of GSM and VoIP enables us to effectively integrate voice transfer (with related services) with standard information systems into a single unit. Such a comprehensive solution of information systems provides numerous advantages in administration, a great number of user functions, analytical tools, etc. The following services are provided in the telecommunication area:

  • Design, supplies and implementation of solutions
  • Supplies and installation of cable networks
  • Supplies and installation of standard phone systems
  • Selection of and connection to alternative operators
  • DECT wireless communication system
  • Audio- and videoconference systems

Telecommunication devices – our portfolio start with phones and other devices and reach to the supplies and installation of small switchboards in various configurations and mid-size switchboards. We offer analog and digital switchboards from leading manufacturers.

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