Low-voltage systems

Electronic Security Systems (ESS)

We supply and install security system solutions from the project preparation stage all the way to the final realization so they meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer. Electronic security systems (ESS) are affordable for almost any building owner/user. Compared to potential losses, the costs of these systems are considerably lower. We use their inherent scalability for the connection of, for example, fire safety sensors, heating systems/thermal valves, window control, etc., and we integrate them into a single system with a single access point, control point and security features for the whole building.

Fire Safety Systems (FSS)

We supply and install the fire safety system solutions from the project preparation stage all the way to the final realization so they meet the specific needs of each building or area. We also provide follow-up services and revisions. Our technicians are fully experienced and have received training from the manufacturers of the systems. Our services include revisions of fire safety sealings, doors or extinguishers.

We also provide consultations with Authorized Officials (AO), all our activities are certified in technical and expert terms and meet all legal requirements.

Evacuation Radio (ER)

We supply and install a comprehensive evacuation radio solution, provide analysis, design and solution of systems. We consistently pay attention to the legislation and fire safety requirements in the given area, of course in coordination with the idea and requirements of the customer. Installed products of major manufacturers on the market such as ESSER, TOA or BOSCH represent for the customer the assurance of a quality perspective system, which is implemented in full compliance with the requirements of updated standards ČSN/EN.

We solve the installation of these systems both in administrative buildings and in warehouses and industrial or production buildings with a direct link to the fire systems of buildings and their connections and the requirements of the fire safety manual of the building.

CCTV camera systems

We supply and install comprehensive CCTV system solutions. Using the camera system, you can easily keep outdoor and indoor areas under surveillance, both day and night. The camera footage proves the physical presence and activities of each captured person. Also important is the preventive psychological effect of a functional CCTV system. In designing a camera system, we always stick to the client’s requirements and the local situation. We always offer as effective solutions as possible, in terms of cameras, the whole system and filming, and choose the most suitable cameras according to the location (outdoor, indoor), purpose (surveillance of persons, production, storage areas, vehicles, etc.), or requirements for quality of capture or footage. In certain areas, good value for money is sufficient, while municipal CCTV or large malls require hi-tech technology, data transfer and footage. Also, online viewing is possible, and so is the night camera vision, alarm functions, motion detection based capturing, etc.

Time and Attendance Systems (TNA)

Time and attendance systems enable users to record their employees’ attendance and current presence at the workplace. The modern terminals replace old electro-mechanical clocks. The software minimizes the manual handling of the data and enables their automatic transfer to other information systems (HR, finance). We supply and install solutions based on proven systems with suitable and future-proof hardware (terminals, etc.) and robust software, easily compatible with most existing payroll systems. We also deliver the unified time systems linked to attendance systems so the employees’ time spent at the workplace can be used with maximum effectiveness.

Access Control Systems (ACS)

We supply and install modern access systems (ACS) using standard access cards as well as wireless technology (by transferring the users’ access cards in the software form to their smartphones), with central user management. The access systems protect your areas against the entry of unauthorized persons and accurately record the presence of people in the building/area. Often, they are closely linked to the security systems. They can integrate attendance, access to certain buildings and/or areas, parking, or even catering. When designing the systems, we analyze the operations and necessary security levels thoroughly. The big emphasis is put on the comprehensiveness of the solution, compatibility with the IS, easy control and long-term reliability. We thoroughly test our systems and try to show customers possible ways of their use in our premises.

Intercom, STA/SAT

We supply and install home intercom systems and videophones (electric doorkeepers) in any configuration and size, according to the clients’ requirements. We also provide their connection with the switchboards and communication infrastructure in the buildings, including the connection to additional systems such as gates, doors, etc.

STA/ SAT – shared TV aerials, satellite aerials – we supply and install shared aerials for the reception of TV / FM radio signal and satellite channels, based on individual requirements in any size. Our portfolio also includes systems for multiple and individual receptions. We survey the location and measure the best setup and direction of the satellite.

Software, management

We supply and install integration security software ensuring the centralized solution for the control and visualization of security devices, and provide follow-up services thereof. The software enables the integration of the following systems for the security of the buildings:

  • Electronic surveillance of access (ACS)
  • Electronic security warning system (ESS or I&HAS)
  • Electronic fire warning system (FSS)
  • CCTV camera system
  • And many others

The communication of the security systems with the control system is realized by supported system drivers. The system provides the users with tools for the following:

  • Central management of the security devices
  • Visualization and monitoring of the devices
  • Automation of security processes
  • Analysis and evaluation of security information
  • Central management of user data
  • Crisis management support

Any picture or building floorplan can be inserted into the map software, and fitted with icons representing the parts of the security systems. The operators can then easily supervise the status of each detector or sensor in the building. In case of an alert, the relevant part is highlighted, and the user is alerted of the event by a warning sound. If a camera system is installed the event can also be visually verified.

The graphic interface simplifies the control and overall monitoring of all connected technology for the operators, as everything becomes part of a single standard platform. The system also enables us to design the installation according to the customers’ needs, from simple systems monitoring a single building to large setups monitoring several security devices in multiple buildings, regardless of the physical distance. The monitoring module enables the connection with the graphic information systems, providing support information for crisis management (such as the layout of the electric wiring, pipelines and air handling systems). The system also includes the module of automatic actions that enable the system to respond automatically according to the predefined procedure in the predefined situations (e.g., send an e-mail to the user in case of alert).

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