Harmony between technologies

Complete design, implementation and service of electrical installation, information and communication technologies

We provide comprehensive services in the field of electrical installation, information and communication technologies. We design and deliver complete solutions for low-current and high-current electrical systems connected by data networks with information, communication and security systems, audio and video technology. Efficient, reliable, correct and on time.

Electrical installation, power supply

  • Standard wiring
  • Intelligent wiring
  • Indoor, outdoor and public LED lighting
  • Connecting production lines
  • Automation

Low-current systems

  • Security systems (EZS)
  • Fire alarm systems (EPS)
  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Access Control Systems (ECS)
  • Software and system control
  • Data networks

ICT infrastructure

  • Server solutions, data backup
  • Active elements, LAN/WAN
  • Wi-Fi design, implementation, solutions
  • External IT / ICT management
  • Datacenters, monitoring
  • Metallic and fiber optic cable systems

Audio and video technology

  • Projection technology
  • Booking systems
  • Control software
  • Digital signage systems
  • Sound systems
  • 3D printing

Our services

We’ll get the energy in your technology flowing.

Electrical installation, power supply

We take care of standard and intelligent wiring: from switchboards to lights, from offices to industrial sites and shopping centres.

Low-current systems

We arrange the design, supply and installation of complex low-current systems and wireless communication systems, including security and building automation.

ICT infrastructure

We will build your passive and active information and communication infrastructure: cable systems, server rooms and equipment for private cloud solutions.

Audio and video technology

From the connection point to projection walls to multimedia halls, we can solve your digital audio and video control systems completely.

Our certification

We educate, certify and train our employees. We place the utmost emphasis on professionalism in the delivery and installation of technology, as well as reliable and professional warranty and after-sales service.

How does it work with Compactive?

The basic philosophy of the company is a systematic and professional approach based on the foundations of project management.  We will help you to ensure the smooth running of the entire project, including subsequent service supervision.

1. First meeting

First, we’ll meet together. We will listen to you, you will tell us your ideas and we will analyse your project from A to Z.

2. Complete design

We strive to turn your ideal idea into an optimal reality. We send you our thoughtful proposal for your approval.

3. Project realisation

The approved project is then carefully implemented – from the selection of the best quality materials to the consistent installation.

4. Follow-up service

Our work does not end with the submission. We will be your partner for any issues during and after the warranty period.

Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can breathe life into your technology.

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